Manuka Wellbeing Honey UMF™ 15+ 300g (With Box)


MGO: 550+

Mānuka Honey comes the nectar of the Mānuka bush, native to New Zealand. UMF™ 15+ Mānuka Honey is certified by an independent laboratory to confirm the level.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw New Zealand Honey


Product Information

Mānuka Honey UMF™ 15+ is a honey that is produced from the nectar of the Leptospernum Scoparium flower, which is native to New Zealand. Mānuka honey has unique anti-bacterial properties that have been shown to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, including MRSA. These properties were first discovered by Prof. Dr. Peter Molan, who has conducted extensive research on the topic. Mānuka honey is now available in a variety of forms, including skincare products and wound dressings. It is also being used in clinical trials as a treatment for various conditions, such as gastroenteritis and Helicobacter pylori infection.

Along with your pot of  Mānuka Honey, you will receive a UMF™ release certificate. This certificate is proof of authenticity. It shows test results of the Honeys Chemical composition and its UMF™ Rating. Certified by the UMF Honey Association.



Product Benefits

When you or your loved ones are feeling ill a spoonful of this honey will not only taste sweet and delicious, it will help boost immunity, soothe a sore throat and settle the stomach.

This honey is thicker than the lower graded Mānuka honey and has very strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the capacity to provide relief from symptoms caused by bacterial infections.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw New Zealand Honey