Manuka Wellbeing Honey UMF™ 10+ 300g (With Box)


MGO: 300+

Mānuka Honey comes from the nectar of the Mānuka bush, native to New Zealand. A delicious tasting honey that is great for aiding the digestive system.

UMF™ 10+ Mānuka Honey is certified by an independent laboratory to confirm the level.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw New Zealand Honey


Product Information
Mānuka Honey UMF™ 10+ is honey produced from bees that consume Mānuka flower extract (Leptospernum Scoparium). Mānuka honey is famous for its unique anti-bacterial properties and is not found in other honey. The anti-bacteria contained in Mānuka Honey has been proven through research by Prof. Dr. Peter Molan from Waikato University in New Zealand. His research shows that the anti-bacteria in honey is very stable and not easily damaged by human body enzymes. This means Mānuka honey can help improve the antibody system can help boost the antibody system and help improve systems of gastrointestinal inflammation, laryngitis, coughs, colds and others.

Along with your pot of  Mānuka Honey, you will receive a UMF™ release certificate. This certificate is proof of authenticity. It shows test results of the Honeys Chemical composition and its UMF™ Rating. Certified by the UMF Honey Association.

Product Benefits
When you or your loved ones are feeling ill a spoonful of this honey will not only taste sweet and delicious, it will help boost immunity, soothe a sore throat and settle the stomach

This honey is thicker than the lower graded Mānuka honey and has very strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the capacity to provide relief from symptoms caused by bacterial infections.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw New Zealand Honey